I married Art, and as a faithful spouse, I’ll do my best to satisfy it with my all.

It flows from my fingertips every time that my emotions come from a place of fear:

a painting that shows my vulnerabilities; or

the poems that give me faith on a better future…

The day when I won’t be misunderstood and  frustrated; or stop being scared and sad.

Once the irrational becomes rational it evaporates out of my system, allowing me to breath again and move on.

Nothing, for a while…

My brushes are dry, and I’m quiet…too quiet…

I want it, i miss it, but nothing!

I eventually end up doubting myself.

Not knowing when it started, I find myself humming while I walk down the street; then writing on the metro between appointments: birds sing along, and Beauty is everywhere!

Misery, my comfortzone, is gone!

What now?

This is the real challenge: to create from a place of love.

Every emotion triggers a different way of Art, why not follow it?

The trick is to never stop creating.


© Lady Dalyz 6/05/2018


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