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When more means nothing…and nothing is worse – door Lady Dalyz

Door |2019-12-04T23:54:34+01:0004/12/2019|Gedichten, Lady Dalyz|

This feeling of abandonment is still here, rooted in my soul. I feel alone, empty. No matter what I do to help myself, I can’t seem to make it stop. I can be surrounded by all my loved ones, but still be missing you tremendously. Pretending that I’m strong enough, that I don’t need your approval, or your love… It costs me so much effort and energy to protect myself from you, and the thought of you. I love [...]

Chemistry and intimacy – door Lady Dalyz

Door |2019-07-14T11:51:02+02:0014/07/2019|Gedichten, Lady Dalyz|

Chemistry and intimacy Looking deeply into your eyes, never a break until the volcano erupts in that disastrous lava that we crave, becoming greedy and shameless. I feel the tenderness of your lips, tongue, on my weakest spots…Bermuda triangles with coordinates that you’ve learned to read and navigate, exciting me, making me what I hate to be: human and vulnerable. You’ve managed to put me against myself: daring to fail. This is our field, and as such, strategy is [...]

Thunder during the storm – door Lady Dalyz

Door |2019-07-12T15:52:53+02:0012/07/2019|Gedichten, Lady Dalyz|

afb. - unsplash             Thunders during the storm. This is definitely the biggest raindrop I've ever felt, seen, and the wind?! So strong... It is a good day: the day that I decide to get rid of you. Forever. I'll miss you...for a few days...and then it's over. The decision to love myself came late, whatever that is, late, too late for me. I know better. For years you've been my [...]

Watch me outgrow you – door Lady Dalyz

Door |2019-03-03T16:16:15+01:0003/03/2019|Gedichten, Lady Dalyz|

          Watch me outgrow you Ego, big, unstoppable. Anger, sadness and painful. It was you, it was me, it was… Nothing. No hate, no judgement. Understanding and open doors, so that the wind can flow through. Waves of tears to submerge the tip of the iceberg. Until it breaks. New water flows into rivers of joy. I’ll see you pass by, and I’ll be glad. I’m still growing. I’m still better. I’m still myself. I’m [...]

Evolution (a song) – door Lady Dalyz

Door |2019-03-03T16:10:59+01:0003/03/2019|Gedichten, Lady Dalyz|

        Evolution.     (a song) Getting to know one another, no more Fear. You discovered fire. I Ice. And Ice always win. That's what we want and need. Reality, a better one. Discovering that when I’m feeling overwhelmed an ice cube can bring me back to his reality. Something small, not painful and effective. Let’s help each other out, it’s cold outside. Don’t Feel Cold for No Reason. A hug, a smile, an animal that looks at [...]

Welcome! Please, get comfortable…Let’s have a chat. – door Lady Dalyz

Door |2019-01-07T13:30:21+01:0002/01/2019|Blog, Lady Dalyz|

I TOLD YOU: WORDS AND PICTURES THAT SPEAK TO THE SOUL I will trigger you. A lot. That’s what I’m here for, to make you feel, shock you. I’ll always tell you what I will/should/want to do. I want you to be ready for it, I don’t like surprises neither. I will talk about heavy subjects. Subjects that make you feel ashamed to even think about it, because of the taboos that you have learned or imposed to yourself. [...]

Drowning – door Lady Dalyz

Door |2019-01-02T14:43:15+01:0001/01/2019|Gedichten, Lady Dalyz|

  foto Lady Dalyz                   Drowning   Waterfall. Swift…gone.   Where to?   Couldn’t breathe, didn’t know how to swim. It was a great family day…   Catastrophe.   Angel. Ny savior.   Always gasping, no peace, forever?   No air. Panic, repeat, but change.   Learn. Because only I can save myself now.   Lady Dalyz            01/01/2019   Uit: Lady Dalyz’s Ups&Downs Graag wijzen wij u op [...]

Change – door Jennifer Alvarez

Door |2018-07-01T12:57:19+02:0001/07/2018|Gedichten, Lady Dalyz|

foto Joel Valve Change There are many times in life when we fail in something that we were trying to achieve. Those times when you feel your knees get weak… or the heavy burden on your shoulders. It gets tiring to try over and over again. Doing the same thing expecting a different result. Those are the times when a good conversation with yourself has to happen. Something has to change… And that something is you.   [...]

Art: Happy Block – door Lady Dalyz

Door |2018-05-06T14:04:02+02:0006/05/2018|Gedichten, Lady Dalyz|

I married Art, and as a faithful spouse, I'll do my best to satisfy it with my all. It flows from my fingertips every time that my emotions come from a place of fear: a painting that shows my vulnerabilities; or the poems that give me faith on a better future... The day when I won't be misunderstood and  frustrated; or stop being scared and sad. Once the irrational becomes rational it evaporates out of my system, allowing me [...]

COME PAIR – door Lady Dalyz

Door |2018-04-12T22:40:44+02:0021/03/2018|Blog, Gedichten, Lady Dalyz|

COME PAIR Come together. Don’t judge. Become one. Don’t compare. Look. To learn. See. To be inspired. Love. Yourself and the other. Unite. Be unstoppable. Break. Bullies and haters. Join. Sisters and brothers. We are all the same. We are different. Embrace. Diversity. Encourage. Being unique. Jennifer Alvarez

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